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Facility Engineer

在汉高,您可在工业和消费类业务稳固传统和领先地位的基础上更进一步,重新构想和改善日常生活。如果您喜欢挑战现状,加入我们的社 区,我们在全球有 5 万多位先锋。Henkel Adhesive Technologies 团队帮助整个行业转型,并通过粘合剂、密封剂和功能性涂料为客户提供 竞争优势。凭借我们值得信赖的品牌,以及我们的尖端技术和颠覆性解决方案,您将有无数机会探索新的道路并培养您的技能。在我们以未来 为主导的业务和充满活力的多元文化中成长,并找到属于您的位置。为更具可持续性的发展留下您的印记,我们准备好了。

Dare to make an impact?


  • Make sure that compliance with company SHE requirement.
  • Oversee the daily work of the facility management.
  • Implement the maintenance/troubleshooting (mainly by 3rd party) for the utility equipment and infrastructure facilities.
    Participate in the MOS and keep on tracking the follow up actions.
  • Execute the CI project.
  • Support the internal/external audit and ensure the maintenance activities should follow the requirement of related systems (ISO 9001, GMP, OHSA, ISO50001, ISO27000…) that were certified by the authorities.
  • Energy management (forecast, consumption, resource, cost, saving, process…)
  • Fulfill the other tasks that assigned by superior.
  • Fulfill the KPIs (plant level, department level, role and ambition…)
  • Responsible for the maintenance activities for utilities and infrastructures in the plant (planned maintenance, urgent response, CI, spare parts management, MMA (SAP) system, people behaviors…)
  • Manage the external suppliers to provide the stable service quality, prompt response and compliance behaviors in plant.

  • Accountabilities (Time in %)
  • Team management 10%
  • Daily work on the operating activities 40%
  • CI 20%
  • Technical support 20%
  • Support on the audit 10%


  • Bachelor degree, major in Mechanical Engineering, Electricity and Automation.
  • Working experience: as the maintenance manager for at least 3 years in fine chemical industry
  • Nice to have the experience of CAPEX project management.
  • Managed the maintenance team with at least 20 people.
  • Good to read, talk, write in English and Chinese.
  • Familiar with the equipment in the chemical plant.
  • Has the knowledge of energy management.

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合同和工作类型: 全職, 永久
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